Bad Prank Idea!

May 17th, 2023

It has come to our attention that a dangerous senior student game is being played in and around the township. “Senior Assassin” is a game where seniors go to other seniors’ homes and squirt unsuspecting students with water guns. This morning, in Ridley Township, a student decided it was a good idea to carry a replica handgun, which eventually was determined to be a water gun, near a school as students were arriving for classes. Of course, seeing a subject holding what appeared to be a real gun near a school, residents and people passing by called 911.

The school was locked down while other students were still arriving for class. Multiple law enforcement agencies arrived and found the subject walking around near the school. Although this incident turned out safely, this is not smart, and as you can imagine, it can cause complete panic in today’s day and age.   

If you are involved in this prank, think twice! This is not a good idea and could end in disaster. In addition, these senseless acts pull valuable resources away from other emergency calls. We ask that you use good judgment and not put yourself or the police in a situation that could end in tragedy.

David M. Splain

Chief of Police