Special Needs Cards



The Nether Providence Police Department Special Needs Instruction Card.

The Nether Providence Police is proud to announce the Special Needs Card Program.  This program that the Nether Providence Police Department is launching today is an idea started by Mr. Alex Mann.  Alex is 21 years old, a police supporter and a subject that has Autism.  Alex is on a mission to spread Autism awareness by visiting police departments with his story and training police officers on interactions with people with Autism.  He has visited multiple police agencies across several states.  He is hoping officers understand what it's like to interact with someone with a disability like Autism.  When officers of the NPPD attended his training last year, Alex showed our officers a card he carries with him in case he has any interaction with a police officer during the course of his or her duties.  The card gave Sgt. Montgomery the idea to start the program in our department.  Being pulled over or stopped by police can be stressful to anyone.  It can “overload” someone with any type of mental or social behavioral disability.  With the assistance of this card, it gives the officer real time information on how to communicate effectively with the person.  This card is for anyone with any type of special needs or disability.  We ask you show it to the officer with any encounter.  
The card is quite simple, but very effective.  It has areas to fill in their information such as name, date of birth and address.  It also provides emergency contacts and the specific disability the subject has.  At the bottom of the card is an area to fill in information of what the person with the disability requires from the officer to make him or her feel more comfortable with the interaction. The information provided on the card is key to having a successful meeting and assists the officers where, without the information, the officer could possibly misinterpret the actions of the person during the incident. One the back of the card is a paragraph that states “I may have difficulty understanding and following your directions or may become unable to respond.  I may become physically agitated if you prompt me verbally or touch me or move to close to me.  I am not intentionally refusing to cooperate; I may need your assistance.”      

The person in possession of the card might have a disability which may impair their ability to communicate with others, especially strangers or in stressful situations.  This card, if filled out properly, will advise the officer of that disability right away.  It is important for mentally impaired people not to be stigmatized and it is equally so for the police to know when they are dealing with people that might have such issues, so that they may exercise the appropriate discretion to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary escalations.

If you would like a card, you can come to the police station at 214 Sykes Lane, Wallingford PA, 19086 during normal business hours to get one, free of charge.  You can also download it on or Crime Watch App at netherprovidencepolice.org.  We are very excited for the release of these cards and believe this is a worthy tool in assisting us to have the best possible police interactions with the community.  

Sergeant Michael E. Montgomery #9944

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD FORM HERE   https://delaware.crimewatchpa.com/sites/default/files/16127/page/2022/03/special_needs_cards.pdf

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