Special Needs and Disability Information


In this section, you will find:

Special Needs Cards Tab- The card is quite simple, but very effective.  It has areas to fill in their information such as name, date of birth and address.  It also provides emergency contacts and the specific disability the subject has.  At the bottom of the card is an area to fill in information of what the person with the disability requires from the officer to make him or her feel more comfortable with the interaction. The information provided on the card is key to having a successful meeting and assists the officers where, without the information, the officer could possibly misinterpret the actions of the person during the incident.  It can be used for anyone who has any type of disability.

Special Needs Registry Tab- A registry database that can be very important for officers and other emergency services when they are responding to your residence for a call.  You can fill out the form on our site with all of the subject's information and special needs.  The Nether Providence Police Department will forward the information to the Delaware County Emergency Services Center (Radio Room) so when we are dispatched to your home, we will have up to date information about your loved one.  It advises us of any member of your household that has disabilities and/or medical conditions when we are dispatched which gives us the information, we need to best serve you.