Officers Training And Schools



This is a list of schools and events attended by our officers.  This list is ever growing and is not representative of the multiple hours of yearly on-line training officers do every year. 

Act-120 Certification

Accident Analysis- The Road and The Vehicle
Accident Scene Management
Advance EVOC Course
Advance Traffic Accident Investigation
Advanced Police Executive Development Program
Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement 
Advanced Stolen Vehicle Identification
Aggression Against Women - A Behavioral and Forensic Analysis of Stalkers and Rapists
Airborne & Bloodborne Pathogens
Alco-Sensor FST
Annual Hostage Negotiation Seminar
APCO Telecommunicator Testing Program
AR-15 Armorer Course
Arma Lite Rifle Armorer's Maintenance Course
Armed Conflict/Building Entry
Armorer's Course
ASP Tactical Weapon Instructor
Automatic Pistol Familiarization Course
Automotive State Inspection Mechanic
Background Investigations for Police Applicants
Basic Clan Lab Awareness
Basic Crime Scene Investigation
Basic Crisis Negotiation Course
Basic Drug Investigator Course
Basic Entry and Room Clearing
Basic Firefighting
Basic Narcotics and Dangerous Drug Law Enforcement
Basic On-Scene Accident Investigation
Basic SWAT Operator School
Basic Tactical Response Team
Baton, Blackjack and Come Along Holds
Behavioral Analysis of Sexual Homicide
BJA Grant Writing School
Budgeting for Law Enforcement Agencies
Burglary/Robbery Investigations
Caliber Press- Street Survival
Cap-Stun Aerosol Instructor Certification
Case Preparation and Report Writing
Central Delco Tactical Response Team Orientation
Certificate Name
Certificate of Instruction- Citizens Police Academy
Child Abuse
Child Passenger Safety Technician
Civil Disturbance Tactics
CLEAN TAC Training
Close Quarter Battle

Colt M16/AR-15 Rifle
Command and Control Overview
Command and Leadership
Commercial Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction
Communication Analysis- The Art of Detecting Deception
Community Response to Domestic Violence
Conducting Complete Traffic Stops
Correctional Basic Training
Correctional Officer Training
CPR Certification
Crime Prevention for the Practitioner
Crime Scene - Phase I and II
Crime Scene & Forensic Evidence
Crime Scene Investigations
Criminal Investigations
Criminal Sexuality 
Crisis & Mental Health Training
Crisis Intervention Specialist
Crisis Intervention Training
Crisis Intervention/Suicide Prevention
Current and Significant Aspects of Criminal Sexuality
Death Investigation
Death Scene Investigation
Defensive Tactics
Delaware County Emergency Response Team Training
Deployment of Distraction Devices
Digital Forensic Basic Photography
Distraction Device Certification
Doppler Radar Operation
Drive to Survive: Tactical Police Vehicle Operations
Driver Proficiency Program
Drug and Narcotics Investigation
Drug Identification
Drug Identification & Field Testing
Drug Interdiction and Conducting Complete Traffic Stops
Drug Investigations
Drugs in All Aspects
Electronic Speed-Timing Device Non-Radar
EMT Certification
Enforcement of the PA Vehicle Inspection Regulations
Equivocal Death & Cold Case Homicide Investigation
EVOC- Updates
Expandable Baton Certification
F.A.T.S. Firearms Training
FBI ALERRT Active Shooter Level 1 (Instructor)
FBI ALERRT Active Shooter Level 1- Train-the-Trainer
FBI ALERRT Active Shooter-Level 1

FBI Chemical Industry Outreach Workshop
FBI Intercounty Detective School
FBI National Academy- United States Department of Justice
FBI Violent Crime Seminar
Field Force Extrication Tactics
Field Identification of Illegal Drugs
Field Testing and Drug Identification
Field Training Officer
Firearms Instructor Training
First Line Supervision
Force Field Operations
Force Options Continuum Interactive Simulator
Forensic DNA Analysis & Biological Evidence Collection & Preservation
Forensic Interviewing of Children
Fundamentals of On-Scene Vehicle Collision Investigation
Handler 12 Basic Training Course
High Impact Supervision
High Technology Investigations
Homeland Security Investigations Task Force Officer Course
Homicide Investigation
Homicide Seminar
Hostage Negotiations
Hostage Situations
Identification & Field Testing Controlled Substances
Identification and Recognition of Club Drugs
Indoor Marijuana Grow Operations and Officer Safety
Instructor Development
Instrument Operator Certification- Data Master DMT
International Homicide Investigators Conference
Internet Crimes Against Women and Children
Intoximeter 3000
Intoximeter EC/IR- Changeover
Introduction to Interview and Interrogation
Investigating and Charging Stalking and Domestic Violence
Investigation of Motorcycle Accidents
IPMBA Police Cyclist Course
Issues in Police Management
Juvenile DUI Offenders and Underage Drinking
Juvenile Officers Conference
K-9 Narcotics Detection Handlers Course
Kinesics Interviewing
Labor Relations Workshop (Private Sector)
Latent Processing Course
Law & Justice Forum: Driving Under the Influence
Law Enforcement Command Leadership

Law Enforcement Flying Armed
Law Enforcement Instructor Development
Law Enforcement Prevention & Deterrence of Terrorist Acts Awareness Level
Law Enforcement Select Fire Instructor
Law Enforcement Terrorism Training
Leadership Skills for Challenging Times
Less Lethal Projectiles Instructor Certification Training Course
Low Light Operations
MADD Death Notification
Managing the Property and Evidence Room
MCSAP-Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program
Mental Health/Domestic Violence
Missing and Exploited Children Certification
Monadnock Defensive Tactics  
Monadnock PR-24 Certification- Instructor-Trainer
Motor Vehicle Identification & Auto Theft
MPO 2014 Glock 19/19 (9mm)
Municipal MCSAP Updates
Narcotics Seminar
New Chief Boot Camp
New In Drugs
New Operator Orientation
NRA Firearm Instructor Development School
NRA- Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Instructor School
NRA Police Firearms Instructor
NRA Regional Police Firearms Instructor Development School
OC Instructor Training
OCAT Basic Course
OCAT Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training Instructor
Officer Survival Post Shooting Trauma
On Scene Collision Investigation- Level 1
On-Scene Homicide Involving Vehicle Collision Investigation
On-Scene Traffic Accident Investigation
Operation Nighthawk (DUI Training and Enforcement)
Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs & the Narcotics Connection
Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs/Inside the Biker World
PA Municipal Police Officers' Driver Proficiency Program
Patrol Officers Interaction with Victims of PTSD & Traumatic Brain Injury
Pennsylvania Narcotic Officers Training Conference
Pennsylvania Police Chief's Annual Accreditation Conference
Pepper Mace End-User
PepperBall Instructor/Armorer
Physical Conditioning, Riot Control, Chemical Agents & Cell Extractions
Point Shooting Pistol
Police Canine Annual Training
Police Canine Operations

Police Executive Development Program
Police Firearms Instructors Training
Police Management Problems
Police Mountain Bike Course
Police Response to Civil Suits
Police Supervisory In-Service Training
Police/Mental Health Crisis Training
Policing Undercover Criminal and Drug Investigation
Project Development and Implementation
Public Safety In-Service Training
Public Safety Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Quantico Executive Development for Law Enforcement
Raid Execution & High-Risk Warrants
Randy Means Advanced Supervision & Management
Randy Means Preventing Police Liability
Range Instructor School
Realistic De-Escalation Instructor Course
Reality Based Training
Recruit Handgun Training
Risk Watch
Search and Seizure (PSP)
Sex Crimes
Sexual Assault
Sexual Predators: Recreational Sexual Violence
Sharpen Your Edge- Perception of Danger
Shoot house Instructor I
Shoot house Instructor II
Shotgun MPO
Sim Unition Training
Smith & Wesson Armorers School
Smith & Wesson M&P Armorer Program
Social Networking
Speed Check Certification
Standard Field Sobriety Testing
Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Including Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus
Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Practitioner
Stolen Vehicle Identification
Street Survival
Street Survival/Tactical Edge Seminar
Stress Shooting
Successful Use of Online Social Networking for Criminal Investigations
SWAT Immediate Action Training
Tactical Command and Decision Making
Tactical Defense Instructors Certification
Tactical Operations

Tactical Response & Hazmat Awareness
TASER Conducted Energy Weapons-Instructor
Taser Electronic Control Device- Instructor Certification
Taser M26/X26 User
Technology Facilitated Crimes
Terror Attack & Active Shooter Intervention for Police
The Enforcement of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Inspection Regulations
The Street-Smart Cop/Pro-Active Patrol Tactics
Therapeutic Crisis Intervention
Top Gun
Traffic Patrol/Drug Interdiction
Undercover Operations
Unsolved Cases: Cold Case Analysis Training for Law Enforcement
Use and Deployment of Noise Flash Diversionary Devices and Specialty Impact Munitions
VASCAR Certification
VASCAR Plus Certification
Vehicle Stop Tactics
Vehicle Weights & Measures
Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device Detection
Violent Crime Behavioral Analysis 
Virginia Homicide Investigators Conference
Visa Credit Card Fraud
Weighmaster- Dept. of Agriculture
Workplace Safety

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