Right to Know / Open Records

The Marple Township Police Department complies with the requirements of PA Act 3 of 2008, the Right to Know and Open Records law. This law ensures that public information and records pertaining to the police department is open and available and serve as a resource for citizens, public officials, and members of the media. Requests for records must be addressed to the Agency Open Records Officer and can be submitted by email, fax, mail, or in person.  The request should be specific and not seek answers to questions. After filing a request, a response will be issued within 5 business days.

Right to Know Officer

Detective Joe McGettigan serves as the police department's Right To Know / Open Records Officer.

Process to Request an Open Record

If you would like to make a request for a copy of an Open Record, complete the required Open Records Request Form (PDF).

Once completed, your request should then be emailed, faxed to (610) 359-9787, or physically sent to the Right to Know Officer via the United States Postal Service or in person delivery to:          

         Marple Township Police Department
         Attention: Right To Know Officer
         1001 Sussex Boulevard
         Broomall, PA 19008

Upon receipt of a request, the Right to Know Officer will:

  • Note the date of receipt of the written request.
  • Compute the day on which the five-day period will expire and make a notation of that date on the written request.
  • Maintain an electronic or paper copy of a written request, including all documents submitted with the request until the request has been fulfilled. If the request is denied, the written request shall be maintained for 30 days or, if an appeal is filed, until a final determination is issued or the appeal is deemed denied.


Public Records are open to inspection and for duplication during normal office hours, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for holidays.


Depending on the type of request made, there may be a fee associated with completing the request. Please call (610) 356-1500 for further information concerning fees.


When a request is denied or deemed denial, a requester may file an appeal to the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records.  The appeal must be filed within 15 business days of the denial or deemed denial date.  The appeal must also include the request, agency denial if one exists, and address agency grounds that the request was denied.  An appeals officer will determine if the record(s) is subject to public access. 

An appeal may be filed to the Office of Open Records via its Online Appeal Form, email, fax, or in person at:

Office of Open Records

333 Market Street, 16th Floor

Harrisburg, PA  17101-2234

Phone: 717-346-9903

Fax: 717-425-5343

Email: openrecords@pa.gov

For more information on what is required to appeal a decision to deny a record, please visit Pennsylvania’s Office of Open Records’ website.