Mission Statement

The Marple Township Police Department has the responsibility of providing a diverse variety of services to the community and will strive to accomplish the following mission:

This agency will actively seek a partnership with the community in order to provide prompt and professional service. The goal of this partnership is to improve the quality of life by protecting lives and property, enforcing laws, preventing crime, as well as resolving problems. This will be accomplished by stressing the police officers’ role as an integral part of a community problem-solving network.

This agency will proactively address citizen concerns by utilizing personnel and resources to promptly and fairly apprehend violators of the law, and to ensure that the rights guaranteed to all under the Constitution are protected.

This agency will continually educate, train, and challenge it’s officers to improve and develop their professional skills and to provide the highest level of service available, in order to protect and serve the community.

In keeping with the mission of service to the community, officers of this agency are charged with the responsibility to professionally and ethically provide these and other services as may be necessary on an emergency or non emergency basis.