About Us

The Folcroft Borough Police Department consists of a Chief, Deputy Chief, two Corporals, and fourteen patrolmen.  Within the ranks and patrolmen we have one criminal investigator, an Anti-crime unit, one K9 officer, and one officer designated to traffic.  The officers patrol the 1.42 square miles of Folcroft Borough, serving an approximate population of 6,700 residents.  In 2019, Folcroft Borough Police responded to 6,621 calls of service within the Borough. 


Patrol Division consists of (4) Squads. Each squad is made up of two patrolmen.  Additional patrolmen are placed on power shifts on Fridays and Saturdays and whenever the need for additional personnel arises.

Patrol's primary responsibility is to answer police calls of service, traffic enforcement, traffic safety, and protecting the public by proactively patrolling Folcroft Borough while diligently waring criminal activity while maintaining peace and good order.

Folcroft Borough handles on average over 6,500 calls for service per year.

Criminal Investigation

The Folcroft Borough criminal investigator is responsible for the follow-up investigation of all serious crime that occurs within our borough. These crimes include theft, fraud, identity theft, burglary, robbery, arson, sexual assaults, crimes against children, internet crimes and murder.   Along with the investigations of these crimes, the criminal investigator is also responsible for processing all crime scenes within the borough. 

Some of the training of the criminal investigator includes the following: Crime scene investigations, interview and interrogation, fingerprint examination and identification, DNA processing, arson investigation and cell phone technology.

The criminal investigator is responsible for preparing cases for prosecution, keeping crime victims apprised of all progress and working with the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office to ensure successful prosecutions.

Criminal Investigator: Detective Daniel White, DWHITE@FOLCROFTPOLICE.ORG

Anti-Crime Unit

The primary function of the Folcroft Borough Anti-Crime Unit is narcotics investigations as well as other criminal investigations that arise or that are assigned directly by the Chief or Deputy Chief of Police.  The unit consists of two officers.  One officer is assigned full time with the secondary officer being on call for assistance in various investigations.  These anti-crime Officers patrol in an undercover capacity, decrease overall criminal activity by proactively combating streel level crime, and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Folcroft Borough.  These members of the Anti-Crime unit are also sworn into the Delaware County District Attorneys Drug Task Force.  The Drug Task Force allows the Anti-Crime officers to pursue narcotics investigations throughout all of Delaware. 

The Anti-Crime Unit provides the department with specialized services in the areas of complex drug investigations, interview and interrogation, evidence collection and processing, wiretap investigations, intelligence gathering, and execution of search warrants. 

All members of the Anti-Crime Unit have extensive specialized training in the field of narcotics.  The unit is dedicated to combating the current drug epidemic and removing narcotics from the streets of Folcroft Borough.

For further information about this unit or information/tips regarding drug activity/criminal activity please contact Officer Thomas Kesser at TKESSER@FOLCROFTPOLICE.ORG.


Folcroft Borough Police Department K-9 Sarge is Belgian Malinois who aids our department in various ways that include explosive searches, missing children/persons searches, school searches, criminal apprehensions, article searches and community outreach programs.    K-9 Sarge has also been called to assist neighboring police departments within Delaware County. When K-9 Sarge was sworn in to the police department in 2013, he immediately proved to be a valuable asset to the community and safety of our officer.

Officer Mackey is K-9 Sarges handler and has over 21 years of experience with police K-9s.


The Folcroft Borough traffic officers main function is traffic enforcement and to ensure the safety of Folcroft Borough residents and all those who travel to and from the borough.  The traffic enforcement Officer also handles various parking and traffic complaints through the borough.  However, as part of the patrol division the traffic enforcement Officer may also handle police incidents along with the other officers on the shift.