Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I report a crime?
The best way is to dial 911 and answer all questions asked by the 911 operator. 911 is for emergencies and non-emergencies. An officer will come to your location or call you depending on the nature of your incident.  Please know that officers are dispatched as soon as they receive a location and nature of the incident, but it helps if you stay on the line and speak with the operator. Valuable information is relayed to the responding officers this way. Don’t hang up!

How do I obtain a police report?
To obtain a police report you may visit the Police Secretary located at 155 Lexington Ave, East Lansdowne, Pa 19050 between the hours of 9am thru 4pm Monday to Friday. Incident and accident reports cost $15.00 each. Only check or money orders are accepted. Multiple incident requests may take longer to process and active investigation reports are NOT released until the investigation has been concluded and/or approved. For accident/crash reports, you can contact the Police Secretary as above, or get them online at CRASHREPORTS.ORG

How do I obtain body camera footage recorded by ELPD?
To obtain such recordings, you must follow department policies as they relate to PA Act 22. Under this law, a request for an audio or video recording in the possession of a law enforcement agency must be made within 60 days of the date the recording was made. The written request must be submitted to the Agency Open Records Officer (AORO) for the law enforcement agency that possesses the record. Read more here.

Is soliciting allowed in East Lansdowne?
No, there are no permits for such activity as the entire practice is banned by ordinance. If you see anyone soliciting, please dial 911 and report their location and description. We will make contact and advise the solicitor(s) of our local laws.

Overnight Parking; Whats that all about?
It is illegal to park your vehicle on the streets of East Lansdowne between the hours of 3am and 6am without a permit. Permits are issued by the Municipal Office and all questions regarding the issuance of such permits should be directed to 610-623-7131. If your vehicle is found parked on the street between the above hours, you will likely receive a parking ticket (currently $15.00). This ordinance was enacted to control traffic and parking within East Lansdowne and ensure that residents have ample parking spots available to them.

Can I report suspicious behavior anonymously?
While the police department encourages witnesses to identify themselves in order to investigate crime effectively, there are methods to remain anonymous. If you call 911, inform the operator that you wish to remain anonymous. The dispatcher will honor your request. You may also anonymously reports crimes NOT in progress by sending an email to tips@elpd.org.

Is there a curfew in East Lansdowne?
Yes, curfews are enforced from Sunday to Thursday starting at 10:30 PM. On Friday and Saturday the curfew is extended to 12:00 AM (midnight).

I am a victim of domestic abuse. How do I receive help?
In an emergency, dial 911 and report details to a police officer. As a victim of domestic violence, you may qualify to file a petition with the court requesting a Protection Order pursuant to the “Protection From Abuse Act”. You may also have additional rights such as emergency shelter and housing. For non-emergency or for follow up questions, contact the ‘Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County’ at their 24 hour hotline: 610-565-4590.