The East Lansdowne Police Department has been providing police services to the borough of East Lansdowne since 1911. For over 100 years our department has observed a unique blend of engagement, protection and enforcement within our community.

East Lansdowne Borough is a small town in south eastern Delaware County, Pennsylvania. We believe that our community based approach to police service and our involvement with the residents, businesses and visitors is a large part of our success in providing for public safety.

Because of our geographic size, we are able to provide rapid response times to calls for police assistance and a personal level of service that simply cannot exist in larger municipalities. Additionally, our department regularly conducts proactive patrols to detect and prevent criminal activity.

While living, visiting or doing business in East Lansdowne Borough, we encourage everyone to keep safety in mind and to call 911 at the slightest sign of trouble.

It is a pleasure and an honor to be at your service.