Now Featuring: Online Registration for Overnight Parking

We are happy to announce that Darby Township residents and visitors are now able to register their vehicles for overnight parking through CrimeWatch® for their temporary overnight parking needs! No more worrying about calling your vehicle in with this easy to use and convenient app. Simply go to the "PARKING" tab and select "OVERNIGHT PARKING" or click HERE. Then fill in the form as prompted and submit. We will receive a notification that you registered your vehicle. 

*Please note that online overnight parking registration only relates to temporary parking needs. Per Darby Township ordinance #162, parking permits are still required for on-street parking between the hours of 3:00am and 6:00am. Permits can be purchased and/or renewed at the Darby Township Administration Building or at the Darby Township Police Department. For more information on this ordinance and how to obtain an overnight parking permit, you can access the township website by clicking the "Our Township" tab on CRIMEWATCH.