Police Trading Card Contest

The Upland Borough Police Department is happy to announce this years “Department Trading Card Contest”.

This contest is open to any resident of Upland Borough, 10 years or younger. The first boy and first girl to collect all the cards will win a new bike just in time for summer! There are a total of 15 cards to collect including one of our new K-9 dog Raymond and of course our department station dog Halo! Children are welcome to approach any officer and request a card or come to the police department and request a card from the administrative staff. To see a list of the cards please visit the Upland Borough Police web site https://delaware.crimewatchpa.com/uplandboropd

Please remember:

  • The contest is open to all children that live in Upland Borough and are 10  years or younger.
  • Parents and/or guardians are not permitted to collect the cards for their children.
  • To receive a card, the child should approach the officer, introduce themselves, and ask for a card.
  • Please do not approach any officer when it appears they are on an emergency call. Please wait and stand off to the side until the officer determines it is safe and they will approach you.
  • A good time to contact an officer is when they are on foot patrol or at local parks or schools for a variety of events.

This program is focused on continuing to build positive relationships with our community children and our officers. Also, we want to encourage any adult to stop and strike up a conversation with any Upland Officer. Please check our webpage for updated community events at www.uplandpolice.org .