Home Depot Sweep Gone Wrong!



Home Depot Sweep Gone Wrong!

Reminiscent of the American television game show, Supermarket Sweep, originally from 1960’s, three males entered the Home Depot with the intention of placing items in their shopping cart without paying for them.  According to the surveillance footage, LOUIS BETANCES, GREGORY TIPPENS as well as an unidentified black male entered the Home Depot with nefarious intentions.

The unknown black male walked through the Contractors entrance and proceeded directly to the tool corral.  He selected power tools from the shelf and placed them on the bottom of his cart.  He placed his jacket, on top of the items, in an attempt to conceal them from employees.  The unknown black male then passed all points of sale and walked out the store and ignored the employees request to stop.

LOUIS BETANCES selected four wall heaters, from the shelf, and placed them in a shopping cart.  GREGORY TIPPENS selected four wall heaters and placed them in a shopping cart.  BETANCES passed all points of sale and walked out the main entrance with the heaters.  TIPPENS observed an employee run towards him, left his cart behind, and followed BETANCES out the door.

Thankfully, a concerned citizen called 911 and reported that he observed the men load the stolen items into a U-Haul van which was parked in the ACME parking lot.  The U-Haul van, which was driven by GREGORY CARTER, sped out of the parking lot leaving the unknown black male behind.  The U-Haul van then proceeded north on Morton Ave.  When driver refused to stop for the emergency police lights and siren, a pursuit ensued. 

The U-Haul then made a right hand turn into the parking lot of the TD bank.  Proceeded to exit the lot and head westbound on MacDade Blvd, and nearly struck several vehicles.  The driver disregarded numerous traffic control devices and exceeded speeds of 70 miles per hour.  Eventually, the U-Haul got stuck in the mud in the 100 block of Youngs Avenue.  Subsequently, all three occupants were taken into custody.

An inventory search of the vehicle revealed a total of $2,037 of stolen merchandise.  All three occupants were charged accordingly.  The unidentified black male is depicted in the surveillance footage.  Any information regarding his identity would be greatly appreciated as he is entitled to a consolation prize.  Thank you!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 12:00am

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