Volunteer for the Youth Aid Panel!

Center for Resolutions is looking for volunteers to take part in the Youth Aid Panel Program in your community.

The Youth Aid Panel program has been in existence since 1997 and works with first time juvenile offenders. A Youth Aid Panel (YAP) empowers a community to participate in problem-solving in its neighborhood. Youth Aid Panels are not a part of the juvenile justice system but consist of trained volunteer community members. Panelists are screened by the local police departments and trained by the staff of Center for Resolutions (training is 8 hours and takes place over 4 days in the evening).

The community volunteers will be helping the youth in their community:

  • By preventing them from becoming more deeply involved with negative behaviors;
  • Learning the cause of the offense and help the family address the underlying problems;
  • Provide individualized resolutions for the youth;
  • Increase accountability and responsibility of the youth for their actions; and
  • Hold the juvenile responsible for their actions and shows them how their actions have affected the community.

After a training provided by Center for Resolutions as well as a background check, the volunteers will be assigned to the panel in their community where they will review cases and assign resolutions. The panel typically meets once a month in the evening.

We invite all residents over the age of eighteen (18) to consider joining your town’s Youth Aid Panel.

Visit the Center for Resolutions’ website to apply online: https://www.center4resolutions.org/rem-youth-aid-panel-services/

Other ways to contact us:

Email us at Info@center4resolutions.org

Telephone: (610) 566-7710