Snow Emergency

Due to the recent winter storm and the amount of snow accumulations, the township has declared a Snow Emergency that remains in effect until noon today, February 2nd. This declaration will assist in snow removal and the safe passage for our Police, Fire and EMS vehicles.

The Public Works staff have already pre-treated our roadways with salt brine solution and all our vehicles are prepared to begin plowing and salting operations, which will continue throughout the storm and well into the day on Tuesday until all roads are safe to travel. After the storm ends, it will take the staff approximately 8 to 12 hours to complete this task. We also ask for your cooperation by keeping as many vehicles as possible off the streets until our plowing and salting operations are completed. This is especially helpful for residents living on cul-de-sacs. 

Residents are also reminded not to clear the end of their driveway until the storm has stopped and the road is plowed curb to curb. This will save you work and lower your frustration level. The Township’s goal is to first open one lane of traffic in each direction or every road, then return to plow the snow back to the curb, exposing the storm inlets. 

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and please be safe during this major event.