#1 - Contrary to social media rumors, exactly zero homes were broken into on Candlewood Rd last night. As a matter of fact, aside from our police cars proactively patrolling and responding to and from over 70 incidents last night, many storm-related, there were no incidents on Candlewood Rd (Thank you Platoon #1). Of course, we're not counting wires and trees down (apologies to those whose power remains out).

#2 - There is a planned static demonstration, not a march, tomorrow at 10:00am in the McDonald's parking lot. We have been in contact with the organizer who has been nothing short of helpful and informative. The officers on site and in the immediate vicinity will be there to ensure the safety and security of participants as well as passersby, residents, businesses, and commuters. We have every reason to believe this will be everything the organizer has promised - a peaceful, responsible, and organized exercise of the First Amendment. There will be no interruption or compromise of service to our residents or businesses during this time.

*** Free Thought - Please try to minimize your social media intake, now & always. Your eyes, neck, and emotional well-being will love you for it!