Recent Scam Alert

The Marple Township Police have taken reports of a recent scam involving wire fraud.  Hopefully, making you aware of the method can prevent future victims of this scam.

 The scam can begin with a bogus phone call or email in which you are alerted to a recent charge or purchase.  The scammer advises that they will "refund" the money to your account.  They will ask you to log into your bank account to do this.  They will tell you that they need to "share" your screen or access your device remotely to complete the "refund."  Once given access to your account, they can move money between your accounts to make it look like they have deposited a credit to your account.  The refund is always overpaid (for example…$ 49,000.00 instead of $490.00). 

The scammer then instructs the victim to wire the funds from the victim's bank to an account that the scammer provides.  The scammer plays on the victim's conscience stating that they will be fired because of their overpayment mistake.  DO NOT WIRE THESE FUNDS!  The scammers may have moved the $49,000.00 from another of your accounts into your checking account.  You are not returning their money.  You are sending yours! 

Always consult with your financial institution or law enforcement if you are suspicious of transaction requests like these.  Once the funds are wired, they are difficult, if not impossible, to recover.