Phone Scam Alert

The Marple Township Police Department has recently become aware of a telephone scam involving our phone number as well as a number for U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  The scam caller states that he is from Customs and Border Protection, and that the victim's identity has been compromised and that they need to take steps to safeguard their money.  They are tricked into depositing cash into accounts at Bitcoin ATMs or buying gift cards.  These funds may be impossible to recover.  Legitimate government agencies will never ask you to withdraw cash to purchase Bitcoin or Gift Cards.  Hang up!  Discuss the matter with your bank or local police department.  Do not rely on the Caller ID display as these can be faked.  Do not share personal information.  The Federal Trade Commission offers a good resource at regarding these scams.   We encourage you to be suspicious of these calls and share this information with friends and family, especially senior citizens.  Stay alert, stay safe.