MTPD announces new partnership with CSI

Today, the Marple Township Police Department entered their reports in new software for the first time in 26 years. Recently, the department contracted with CSI Technology Group ( to provide a new records management system. The department began using the old software in June of 1996. Over the past several months, the department and CSI members have worked together to create a seamless changeover. CSI has begun transferring all data officers had entered through the years into the former software.

Over the past few days, all police department employees were trained by CSI Staff to enter the different types of reports with the new software. Employees learned not only how to enter information but also to search through the reports and analyze data related to criminal activity and trends. At 10:00 am, Sgt. Steve Benecke entered the first report in the new system. Throughout the day, officers began writing their reports with the assistance of CSI Staff.

The new software, Infoshare, is designed using a regional approach. Agencies are grouped according to their geographic regions, which promotes the sharing of crime information, statistics, and trends among participating departments. By sharing information, departments can reduce crime and create safer communities throughout each region. The software includes interfaces with Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network and Livescan booking data.

Since Infoshare RMS is fully hosted in the cloud, the police department can reduce infrastructure costs associated with server expenses, cyber security, backup management, and disaster recovery. CSI Technology manages the storage of department data and all related hardware.

As the department moves forward, this partnership will assist in creating an environment of improved information sharing and organization. As always, the department strives to use all technology and tools available to keep the public informed, prevent crime, and support victims with the ultimate goal of making Marple Township the safest community in Delaware County.