LT Frank Hannigan graduates from Northwestern University

The Marple Township Police Department is pleased to announce the recent graduation of Lieutenant Frank Hannigan from the School of Police Staff and Command (SPSC) at Northwestern University. Many students attend the school at Northwestern's main campus in Evanston, Illinois but Frank chose to take the even more challenging route and complete the entire program on line. While continuing to work full-time, fulfilling his duties and responsibilities running the Administrative portion of the entire police department, Lt Hannigan successfully completed the intensive 22 week program which ran from July 8 - December 15, 2019 and graduated with Class #464. 

The SPSC provides upper-level college instruction in a total of 27 core blocks of instruction and additional optional blocks during each session. The major topics of study include: Leadership, Human Resources, Employee Relations, Organizational Behavior, Applied Statistics, Planning & Policy Development, Budgeting & Resource Allocation.

Every one of us here at MTPD greatly admires the commitment and sacrifice Lt Hannigan made during those 22 weeks. We thank him and his family for their dedication to see this huge academic and professional achievement through to the end.