February 28

 Police responded to the rear of Lawrence Park Shopping Center for a vandalism report.  A witness reported that 7-8 teenage females were horsing around in the rear parking lot. One of the females was riding in a shopping cart when it crashed into the front of a dump truck that was parked and unoccupied. The teens knew that the cart caused damage and left the area. Police were unable to locate the juveniles that were responsible for the damage.  Officer Dan Lazzari investigated the incident. 

February 29

At 5:25 PM, Officer Joe Varacalli checked on the well being of a driver of a vehicle in the 2500 block of West Chester Pike. Officer Varacalli determined that the driver was showing signs of impairment and observed what he recognized as drug packaging on the driver's seat.  Officer Varacalli located 24 bags of heroin in the vehicle.  The driver, 28 years old from Exton, was arrested and charged with drug possession. 

Police responded to the 700 block of Hedgerow Dr to take a report of a theft from a vehicle.  The resident reported that at approximately 8:30 PM, their dog alerted to a noise outside. The resident saw that the cabin lights were on in one of the cars in the driveway.  There appeared to be someone inside the vehicle. When the resident went outside, the person fled the area.  Officer Jerome Duncan investigated.

March 02         

At 12:43 AM, Officer Matt Smith was monitoring traffic in the 1600 block of Sproul Road and observed a silver Ford sedan with an illegible registration plate. After smelling a strong odor of marijuana emanating from inside the vehicle, Officer Smith located several packages containing marijuana.  The 32-year-old Glenolden resident was processed and released pending charges for drug possession.

Officer Brian Niedelman took a report of credit card fraud. A resident received mail from PayPal thanking her for opening a new credit card. The card had a limit of $3000.00. The resident immediately contacted PayPal and advised them that they did not open an account and believed someone else fraudulently opened this account with their information. Approximately $500.00 had already been charged to the card.  PayPal immediately closed the account.  The resident was encouraged to monitor or lock their credit to avoid, or be aware of, any other attempts to open accounts in their name.  

At 5:25 PM, Officer Joseph Varacalli, in the area of South Sproul and Cedar Grove Roads, observed a vehicle traveling with tint applied to the windows, which did not allow visibility into the interior. Officer Varacalli stopped the car, and a quantity of marijuana was recovered from the passenger, a 19-year-old male from Broomall.  The passenger was processed and released pending drug possession charges.

 A resident called to report that he received a suspicious phone call. The caller said that he was a member of the DEA from El Paso, Texas. The caller claimed the DEA had found a car abandoned by the resident and that he would need to send twenty thousand dollars, or he would be arrested for drug trafficking. He was advised that it was a scam. 

March 04

A resident received a phone call at her home, allegedly from the Social Security Administration.  The caller threatened the resident with arrest.  The resident did provide her social security number to the caller before she hung up.  Officer Joe Mcgettigan gave the resident an ID theft checklist with contact info for the credit reporting agencies and federal trade commission so that they can limit any damage to their credit history. 

March 05

During the early morning hours of March 05 2020, three dirt bikes were stolen from a garage in the 300 block of Sussex Blvd. The thieves forced entry into the garage to steal the dirt bikes. The dirt bikes, 2 Suzukis, and a Yamaha, all had 250cc engines. At approximately 3:03 AM, Officer Pat Sexton was patrolling on Lawrence Rd in the area of S Sproul Rd when (3) dirt bikes matching the above description passed him on Lawrence Rd.  A green four-door sedan was following the dirt bikes. The car was possibly an older Buick operated by a black male. Officer Sexton, at the time unaware of the yet unreported burglary, made a U-turn to attempt to stop the dirt bikes. The operators of the dirt bikes fled, taking off in different directions and continuing to operate without head/taillights to avoid apprehension. Detectives are asking for residents in the area to check their surveillance cameras for suspicious persons in the area between 2 and 3:00 AM in the early morning hours of March 5th.  

Officer Greg DeSimone spoke to a resident that wanted to report a possible phone scam. The resident received a call from a subject who claimed to be with a law enforcement agency in Dallas, Texas. The caller told the resident that he found the resident's name in the glove box of a car.  The mystery car reportedly had blood all over the interior. After the resident provided the caller with his social security number, he became suspicious of the caller and ended the call. The resident was advised to monitor his accounts, report possible ID theft to his financial institutions, and call the police if he finds that his identity was compromised.