During this week, on multiple occasions, Marple Officers had to respond to the Home Depot Store for a report of juveniles acting up in the store.  Officers took several reports of groups of 13-14-year-old males riding bikes in the store and knocking merchandise off of displays.  The juveniles were approximately 13-14 years of age. Some youths were identified and warned not to return to the store without a parent. Trespass citations will be issued if the violators continue.

February 1

  •  At 1442 hrs, Officers responded to the Walmart Store at 400 S State Rd for a theft of a power tool. The actor dropped his cellular phone while fleeing from the store. Further investigation into the recovered mobile phone led police to determine the identity of the actor. The actor, Henry Grossmiller, 32 years of age from Secane, is being charged with the theft. Detective Nick Coffin and Officer Dave Lerro investigated the incident.  

February 3

  •  A resident reported that he received a debit card in the mail from a bank at which e didn't have an account. The issuing bank confirmed that an unknown actor fraudulently opened using the victim's social security number and address. The victim was referred to the three credit reporting agencies to prevent further accounts opened in their name. Detective Lindelow is investigating the incident. 

February 4

  •  At 5:13 PM, Officer Matthew Smith responded to the Game Stop Store at 400 S State Rd for a theft. The employee reported that a suspect described as being a black male, mid-twenties with dreadlocks, wearing a camo sweatshirt, black leather jacket, and blue ripped jeans stole a demo Nintendo Switch device. The value of the Nintendo Switch is $200. Detective Andrew Ronsvalle is investigating the theft.

February 5

  • At 0206 hours, Marple Police were dispatched to a residence on North Central Boulevard for a domestic assault. Officer Austin Gallagher reported an assault of an adult female resident at the residence. The male actor that was known to the victim and had already left the area. After further investigation, Christopher Schulgen, 47 years old from Philadelphia, was charged with Assault, Terroristic Threats, and related charges. 
  •  At 0758 hours, Officers responded to the area of Cardinal O'Hara High School on South Sproul Rd for a report of a subject with a gun in a vehicle..  The incident stemmed from a road rage incident that began at South Sproul and Old Marple Rd. According to the victim, a driver displayed a handgun during the encounter. The initial incident occurred at the intersection of West Sproul Road and Old Marple Road. There was a second confrontation that happened at the traffic light at Sproul and Springfield Roads. 4 hours later, Marple Police arrested Rosario Todd, a 51-year-old male from Springfield. Police recovered A BB gun from Todd's vehicle. Detective Nick Coffin investigated the incident and charged Todd with Terroristic Threats and other related charges.

February 6

  •   A local business owner received a telephone scam call at his place of business. The caller identified himself as a Senior Investigator with the Social Security Office. The caller told the business owner that there were several bank accounts opened in the business owner's name, and the Social Security office had caught the fraud. The caller then asked for correct bank account numbers so that he could identify the fraudulent ones. The business owner was immediately suspicious of the call and began asking the "Senior Investigator" questions to verify his legitimacy. The caller was able to provide the business owner with the business owner's address and phone number. The caller then told the business owner that he would have a Marple Township Police Officer call to confirm his legitimacy and hung up.  Moments later, the business owner received another call from a male identifying himself as a Marple Township Police Officer, and the caller provided a non-existent badge number. This "police officer" was able to confirm the address and phone number of the police station but pronounced "Sussex Blvd" wrong. The business owner again knew that something was suspicious and called 911 to report the calls to the Marple Police. There was no reported loss, and Detective Nick Coffin is investigating. 

Meanwhile across town,

  • An employee of a local school received a phone call through the school line from a male who identified himself as an employee of the Sheriff's Office. The caller told the employee that there was a warrant for their arrest and that the Sheriff's' Office would come to arrest them at their place of employment. The employee put the male on hold and called the Sheriff's Office and learned that no employee in the Sheriff's Department has that name. The employee hung up with the male immediately.

And yet another scam call,

  • A resident reported receiving a scam phone call. The resident received a call that was reportedly from the DEA. The caller advised him he had a warrant for the resident's arrest. The resident stated it sounded like he was speaking to someone in an overseas call center and immediately hung up on the caller.
    • Residents should be aware of these signs that a call is probably a scam:
      • • Scammers using fake names and IRS badge numbers. They generally use common names and surnames to identify themselves.
      • • They may be able to recite the last four digits of a victim's Social Security number.
      • • They spoof the phone number on caller ID to make it appear that it's the actual Agency calling.
      • • They sometimes send bogus emails to some victims to support their bogus calls.
      • • Victims hear background noise of other calls being conducted to mimic a call site.
      • • After threatening victims with jail time or driver's license revocation, scammers hang up, and others soon call back pretending to be from the local police or DMV, and the caller ID supports their claim.
  • Officer Patrick Sexton responded to the TJ Maxx at 1991 S Sproul Road for a retail theft arrest. The TJ Maxx Loss Prevention Officer reported that Janine Boykin, 42 years old of Marcus Hook, was observed selecting several pieces of merchandise and concealing those items in her purse. The value of the stolen merchandise was $113.90. Boykin was cited for retail theft and released.