ATV's in residential neighborhoods

The Police Department has received numerous complaints throughout the summer of ATV's and dirtbikes being ridden on school property, Township property, and local roads throughout the Lawrence Park residential area.  The riding of ATV's is only legal,  in Pennsylvania and Marple Township, if done on dedicated trails in the state or on private property with the owner's consent.  In addition, all ATV's must comply with certain registration requirements as per the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code.  ATV's being operated on private property will most likely create a violation of the Township's noise ordinance based on the decibel levels of the average ATV/dirt bike. 

The Marple Township Police will be responding to and investigating all reports of illegal ATV riding in the Township.  All violations of the noise ordinance, trespassing, and violations of the Pennsylvania vehicle code will be cited and ATV's and dirt bikes will be towed if warranted. 

According to the PA Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources, Pennsylvania has 777 miles for ATV riding enthusiasts to enjoy -- none of those miles are located in Marple Township.