Delmar Drive is now open

Delmar Drive from School lane to Grant Road is now open

Delmar Drive to Bennington Road is now closed

Delmar Drive from School Lane to Grant Road

Grant Road and Delmar Drive are now open

Grant Road at Delmar Drive is closed today.

Grant Road at Delmar Drive is closed today

Today road workers will be on Taylor Drive from School to Grant Road There will be a s single lane at Taylor and Kent
Paving will be at Heather, Taylor and Kent Road

Delmar Drive will be closed today between Grant Road and Bennington Road till approximately 5:00 tonight. Please use alternate routes and thank you for your patience.

Delmar drive is shut between Grant rd and School ln and Grant Rd and Bennington Rd. Grant Rd can still be utilized.

Delmar drive is shut down between Grant Rd and School Ln